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Polish Change                                         $7

Trim, shape, and polish

LOVE Signature Spa Manicure      $30

Our signature manicure that uses our own store brand products. Treat yourself to a more luxurious experience which includes fresh rose petal, champagne and Rose aromatic soak, champagne and rose salt scrub, champagne and rose anti-wrinkle mask, cuticle maintenance full hand & arm massage. All of this with a glass of champagne!

Basic Manicure                                     $14

a classic manicure that includes, an aromatic Mandarin soak in a hot mitten with essential oils, full hand massage, and warm towel.

Milk & Honey Spa Manicure          $30

A spa manicure that includes: your hand soak in a luxurious buttermilk & honey bowl, cuticle maintenance, massage of full hand and forearm, paraffin dip, warm towel and shoulder massage. Our soak has anti-oxidant that takes away dead skin to restore and nourishes your skin appearance.

Gel Manicure                                        $30

a classic manicure that finishes with any of our extended collections of gel polishes (over 200 colors) to choose from. No smudge, and no drying time!. This gel polish simply cures under UV/LED light. Last up to 2 weeks or more. Includes gel polish soak off.