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Milk & Honey Pedicure                    $45

A spa pedicure that includes: your feet soaked in a luxurious buttermilk & honey bowl, cuticle maintenance, a foot massage, paraffin dip, and a warm towel. Our soak has anti-oxidant that takes away dead skin to restore and nourishes your skin appearance.

The Ultimate LOVE Pedicure         $90

90 minutes long, this is our Organic Pedicure plus 30 minutes of aromatherapy pampering with a detoxifying jelly soak, benefits of jelly soak: reduces sweating and odor, relieves stressed & achy feet. Includes hand paraffin dip while organic masque is applied and wrap with a hot booty. Extended longer massage time wrap with warm towels and hot stone massage from the knee down to foot. All this with a drink of your choice that’s available on our spa menu.

Mango Margarita Pedicure              $45

Tropical vacation for your feet! Dip your feet in a luxurious tropical Mango action soak. Renew your leg & feet with a Mango sugar scrub formulated to gently polish away dead skin cells, addition with a mango moisture mask that uses exotic oils that penetrates quickly and high in vitamins, making it wonderful for the mature skin. Finish with a luxurious and relaxing Mango lotion massage with essential oils. Completed with a Mango Margarita!

Shamrock Pedicure                        $45

Get your luck of the Irish pedicure! Relax, renew, & exfoliate with an organic mint spa. A mint Shea butter moisturizing mask that restored skin cells. A massage with mint butter cream that help nourish and gives your skin a shiny finish. Treat your feet and color your toes while enjoying a complimentary Mint Julep drink!

LOVE Signature Pedicure                $50

Our signature pedicure that uses our own store brand products. Treat yourself to a more luxurious experience which includes fresh rose petal, champagne and Rose aromatic soak, champagne and rose salt scrub, champagne and rose anti-wrinkle mask, cuticle maintenance and full leg massage. All of this with a glass of champagne!

Pumpkin Spice Pedicure                  $45

A delicious Fall treatment! Enjoy anytime of the year. A warm pumpkin spice mineral bath. Calluses, rough spots, and dead skin are buffed away with pumpkin spice scrub. Pumpkin spice moisturizing mask that softens the skin. Relaxed with a lower leg & foot massage using pumpkin spice butter cream that contains Shea butter, vitamins A, B, C, D, and E.

Colada Pedicure                                  $45

A tropical pedicure will take you away on your mini-vacation! Kick off your sandals, sit back relax and allow us to pamper you with a coconut soak. Exfoliate with our wonderful coconut colada sugar scrub, which combine with cocoa & Shea butter, than a wonderful colada moisture mask, leaving the skin soft & smooth. Lastly with a coconut colada massage of the leg & feet. Top this off with a Pina-Colada Drink!

Lemon Dream Pedicure                    $45

Soak your tired and achy feet in our fresh lemon aromatic bath. Revitalize your skin with a lemon sugar scrub, callus eliminator application, lemon clay masque, and a foot massage from the knee down with our lemon massage cream wrap with warm towel and hot stones massage. Complimentary shot of Limón cello is included!

Lime Mojito Pedicure                        $45

Let the essence of fresh lime take you back to that tropical paradise! A lime exfoliating scrub of sugar & lime pulp, followed by a heating moisturizing mask that exfoliates, softens, and nourishes warm sensation to your feet. Comes complete with a Lime Mojito!

Peppermint Pedicure                         $45

Great to awake tired, exhausted winter feet! This pedicure uses a natural peppermint essential oil to deliver a brisk cooling sensation as rich emollients, exotic fruit extracts and nourishing butters work to smooth, hydrate, and refine tender toes. Never fear sandal season again!

Chocolate Pedicure                            $45

Comfort food for your skin! A luxurious treat for your feet. Splash around in a chocolate mineral foot bath, followed by a chocolate scrub, smooth the skin with a chocolate mousse mask. A lower leg and foot massage with a chocolate butter cream, the butter cream is a fat-free hydrating indulgence for the feet contains Shea butter, grape seed oil and vitamins. All this with a mug of hot chocolate!

Mother To Be Pedicure                     $50

This specialize pedicure begins with a luxurious essential oil soak, cuticle maintenance & buff, “callus eliminator” application, lower leg and foot exfoliation, a hydrating masque, and an extended longer massage to help all mommies to relax and ready themselves for the labor process.

Organic Pedicure                                $70

This signature pedicure uses all organic ingredients. Includes natural detoxifying aromatic fresh soak. A luxurious sugar scrub that contains “pulling oil.” “Callus eliminator” restorative and hydrating moisture mask, and a refreshing massage cream.